mandag den 9. juni 2014



søndag den 14. september 2008

Famous people

Getting a head start, here's what I've done for next week's challenge. The LO could apply for the "Star" challenge but I was caught between getting the piece done too late or too soon, so I chose the latter :-) I don't know quite how famous this actress is but she's my favourite. Her name is Alexis Bledel and I know her from Gilmore Girls and Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants. She has also done some other movies, which I haven't seen.
There's not much to say about this card... I took some vellum paper and blue inked a stamp (twice to get the whole length) and embossed it with blue glitter powder. Next time I remember only to glue a bit in the corners as one can see it through the paper:-(  For the stars in the corners I have used a gold paint marker pen. The bluish oriental paper I have from a book of papers obtained at a fair last Sunday. Oh, that was an expensive day *sigh* ;-)

Click here to see it bigger

lørdag den 6. september 2008

Nature on MMM

Killing two birds with one stone (what a gruesome expression...) I thought it fit to combine this week's challenge with my best friend's housewarming - the result is as follows: (some of the pictures can you click on and some of them you can't for some reason... Anybody know why and what to do about it??)

Once again the card is a Thrinchie

The backside of the card with the text "Dear Rikke and Steen. Congratulations with your new home. Here is something nice and something practical. Love Jens and Mia" The nice thing was a couple of green plants and the practical was a shopping list.

The aforementioned shopping list. I haven't drawn the cat or made the text. It is stolen from a book called "Cat Haiku" written by Deborah Coates (To you cat people out there: Get a copy of it!! It's so cute and funny:-)) But I did the lines and the headline, printed and cut it out, glued it together with cardboard and put a magnet on the back.

I didn't make the bag myself... I only put the yellow flowers, the small clothes peg and the tag on

From the side... a bit out of focus I'm afraid

The front of the envelope for a small card for the flowers. Again I only put the yellow flowers on and the blue sequins.

The backside

søndag den 24. august 2008

I like candy

Yesterday when I realised this next challenge on MMM I was totally blank and I was thinking "What to do... What to do? Come on, think woman!!" Then this morning I saw some liquorice and fruit gum was left from yesterday and I started emptying the bag. Just then it came to me: "I'll make a candy man:-))" I bought some vellum (the transparent paper), stamped it with a text stamp and some blue ink and then embossed it - I was excited to see the result because I wondered how the ink would go along with that kind of paper but later I saw a label on the ink that said that it was excellent for vellum, photos and coated paper :-) The tin foil is a used chocolate wrapper (as the headline states, I really do like candy *lol*).


lørdag den 23. august 2008

I have you all "figured" out :-)

For this week's MMM challenge I've got a lot of explaining to do for it to make sense to everybody...
Top left: This is a rephrase of "There is no place like home". Without being too technical is described as the adress of your own computer in a network.
Top right: As all math professors know (and don't you count me in in that category, on the contrary *ha ha*) the binary system consists purely of zeroes and ones, which represent a numeric value... So it doesn't say ten but actually two kind of people.
Bottom left: Many of you have heard the old childhood rhyme" Roses are red, violets are blue... Instead of the colours I have put in their hexadecimal value in their corresponding colours.
The rest, I believe, is simple addition... Hope, I explained it so you didn't get more confused :-)
Oops, I just realised, the stitched one cross the brown is hard to read. It says: "2 + 2 = 5 for a high value of the number 2" :-)
The green areas are white paper, I have inked green with an ink pad.

søndag den 17. august 2008

Last minute production

This might have turned out differently if I had had more than 1 hour 'till work ... I just wanted to finish it to be in the game so to say and I'm glad I did because I have learned to open up my creativity under time pressure. (Noticed, it's a Thrinchie? :-))


onsdag den 6. august 2008

In the news

My first Mixed Media Monday challenge which is "Thrinchies" Already it's a challenge, since I've never done that format before. I'm so excited that I am already thinking about next week's challenge (great that you post a hint :-))


tirsdag den 5. august 2008

A new start - former creations

With the new membership of Mixed Media Monday I thought it was time to clear the table and start with a fresh - this time in English, so everybody have a chance to understand what I'm writing :-) This is some of the work I have done so far to show a bit of the development that I have went through: